About the NVZ

Since its establishment on December 19, 1991, the Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) has grown to be an influential lobbyist in the healthcare sector. The association ensures that the Dutch hospital sector is a strong sector.

Our members are both general hospitals and specialist centers in audiology, cancer, rehabilitation, dialysis, radiation treatment, and more. The NVZ currently counts 107 healthcare institutions as members.

Our objective is to create the conditions and protections our members need to provide high-quality and effective specialist medical care to their patients. For the NVZ, this means care that, from a medical standpoint, leads to the best possible result.

In the 25 years since the NVZ was founded, the healthcare landscape has changed considerably. The most obvious change has been the government’s continued withdrawal from healthcare, and its cultivation of a system where patients, care providers, and health insurance companies take over the responsibilities. This is precisely why the NVZ is necessary. 

Quality care is increasingly in demand – by the government, by insurance companies, but especially by patients. This offers opportunities for the hospital sector. At the top of the NVZ’s agenda, therefore, are making quality transparent, making care measurable, and providing insight into the diversity of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

The office

The NVZ is based in Utrecht. About 60 people work at the NVZ office under the leadership of its director. The office has four policy departments: Steering & Finance, Quality & Organization, Industrial Relations and Education, and Communications. There is also the Administration and Business Management department, which includes the staff departments Personnel & Organization, Finance, and ICT.


The board of the NVZ consists of an independent chairperson and ten members, each of whom hold a managerial position at a member institution of the NVZ. The chair is Mrs. Yvonne van Rooy, LL.M., former Secretary of State of Economic Affairs and former member of the European Parliament. On behalf of the NVZ, Mrs. van Rooy is a member of the Governing Council of the International Hospital Federation (IHF).